Export service

About us

In 2007, under the logic of an innovative entrepreneurship and with an auspicious future, a group of young professionals focused in changing the predominant exporter paradigm, they aimed to look after the alternatives to promote the direct export of the fruit producers that try hardly to have the best products required in the markets today.

In those days, with all the enthusiasm and the clear idea in their minds, with nothing else that their experience and wide knowledge they began forming the Utilitas project, starting with only 100.000 boxes in exporting management and with various consultancies of business management, cold storage administration and recruitment in the fruit business.

Today we give consultancy to more than 35 producers, with which we manage the export of more than 17 fruit species with results of more than 3.500.000 boxes a year. Our clients export to the markets all over the world obtaining optimal results.

Our last achievement is being in this year 2012 with an office in Perú, with the objective to solve those problems and difficulties to make the industry growth in our neighbor country.