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At UTILITAS we offer all the necessary services & logistics to make a grower into an exporter; export under your own brand name & label, buy the materials, hire the services at cost and receive the money directly into your bank account.




What could you gain exporting directly?

Better results
Brand Development
Less time
of liquidation
Clients around
the world
Control over your
Lower shipping and
services costs
Online information

To export directly it’s important to:

  • Grow fruit that reaches its destination in good conditions
  • Comply with the phytosanitary and certification requirements demanded by the markets
  • Have the active collaboration of the grower’s team.
  • Be in acknowledge that your fruit may have a problem at destination even if the traditional export company has not informed you before
  • Have a volume and in a period that allows to be efficient in the operation of the export process
  • Be financially organized



What is the first step to start exporting directly with UTILITAS?
Once the decision to export directly has been made, the producer completes the UTILITAS Registration Form with all their data, defines the volume by species/variety to be exported, we meet to clarify doubts and evaluate the potential for direct exportation. Confirmed that the process will be successful, we sign a contract and get to work!
What is the cost of working with UTILITAS?

We charge a fixed Price per kilo depending on the species you want to export.

Does the grower need to hire someone to export directly?
You don’t need to hire anyone else; you’ll be just fine with your current staff. UTILITAS will act as your sales manager, purchase manager, manager of operations and cold storage and shipping manager.
What is the role of the grower that wants to export their goods?
Their role is fundamentally to deliver information, make decisions and manage cash flow. UTILITAS takes care of the entire exportation process.
How long do I need to prepare an exportation process?
It’s ideal for the grower to start around 2 months before harvest. Because it takes time to create the export company, designs of boxes and labels, manage credit lines with suppliers, prepare the commercial strategy, manufacture the export material and hire the necessary services.
Who will send the requirements demanded by the markets I’m sending the fruit to?
Each market has two types of requirements: sales and phytosanitary. The phytosanitary requirements are published and supervised by the SAG, the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service. The sales requirements are sent by the importers according to their capacities and commercial commitments.
Do I need to speak any particular language?
Is not necessary. At Utilitas we have people who speak English, German, Portuguese and some Chinese.
Do I need to hire insurances on my own?
UTILITAS has credit insurance that protect payment: maritime insurance that covers claims that occur in sea voyages; civil liability insurance that covers when the Receiver has sanitary problems with the fruit in destination.
How do I make sure that the Receivers will pay me?
At UTILITAS we work with Receivers who have a good payment track record and we also have a credit insurance policy to which the grower can be added to.
If I have only a small volume, how do I export it?
The best way is to create an association and put together a full container with fruit of other small growers.
What is the minimum volume that I need to export?
The principles to define a minimum quantity are: that the volume destined to export allows to complete the containers within the week, that it is enough to buy the minimum of the materials required by the suppliers, that it efficiently apportions the fixed costs and that it allows to promote the grower’s Brand in destination markets.
How is the export process financed?
With advance payments against shipping documents provided by the Receiver, with the integrated services provided by some Shipping Agencies and with the payment terms that are negotiated with the suppliers.
How long does the export process take?
In general, the export process lasts 60 days after the fruit is shipped.
Who can export directly?
Everyone who have a product that arrives well at destination and with a sufficient volume that permits to be cost efficient.
I'm interested in exporting directly but I owe money to the traditional exporter. How can I do it?
At Utilitas we have a financial planning area that is responsible for obtaining the necessary financing to pay the debt with the traditional exporter by resorting to banking and non-banking institutions.
I am over-guaranteed in the Bank and I can't get credits, how can I solve it?
Our financial planning area speaks the “same language” that financial executives speak, which, added to the organization of guarantees and negotiation strategies, allows us to increase credits amounts or releasing guarantees.
Today the traditional exporter gives me working capital to produce and finance export costs. If I want to export directly, how do I obtain those funds?
As production begins long before export, financing comes from 2 different sources; The production is financed with own funds and banks. If you produce cherries you can finance your produce with pre-season advances from the buyers of your fruit. The export process of the fruit is financed with advances against shipping documents and credits from suppliers. All of the above is prepared and managed by our financial planning area.
How much does Utilitas charge to get the financing I need?
Utilitas charges a percentage of the requested amount ONLY if financing is achieved.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us via chat, or simply send us an email.
We’re here to help you!

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We offer an export model that engages and charms our clients, who get results worthy of their effort.

We work all over the world providing multiple business options so that our clients get the very best for the fruit they grow.

We defend the results of our clients working free of conflicts of interest since we have no commitments with receivers or suppliers, own fields or parallel export companies.

We solve all the problems associated with the exportation process, commercial, operational and financial.


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